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One of our clients wanted a fast, dynamic, optimized and recyclable way to assign more than 150 workers to various construction sites on a daily basis.

There were a lot of factors to consider: how many workers are needed, what skillsets are needed, how many are available, who's on leave, who's been reserved, Supervisor's preference, who has just finished a shift... the short of it is, it's a challenge to do this day in, day out.

Then there's the logistics aspects to figure out: how do you get more than 150 workers from their dorms to their work site, all in different locations and in different areas while making sure they can start work on time.

Here's our Solution

We broke down the complexities to bite-sized problems and figured that to do this proper, we need to have three main components:

  1. A mobile app for Supervisors to instantly send their resource request (workers needed) to HQ, daily

  2. A backend to tabulate and assign workers to their respective work sites (built with odoo)

  3. An Android app on a custom Android device with verifies the identity of workers via fingerprint (and tell them where they have been assigned to)

Manpower Request App

Before the end of every day, Site Supervisors have to submit their manpower requests for the following day. To help ease the submission process, we built a custom mobile app that is integrated with the backend.

We used the minimalist Python WSGI framework to proxy requests to Odoo in the backend, so that the mobile app can "talk" to the server.

All manpower requests are sync'ed with the backend and one can see the pending, processing and approval stages of each submitted request.

Workforce Planner (A Web App)

For the backend, we utilized Odoo's existing modules (such as User Management and Attendance) and also built new modules. For this client, we use Odoo to create a Workforce Planner.

Currently used by at least 2 million users worldwide, Odoo has more than 5000 user-friendly, easily customizable and integratable modules available. Best of all, you can also build a custom module for your client from scratch -- the Planner is one such custom module.

The Planner allocates all 150+ workers based on Supervisor requests with just one click.

The Planner takes into account available workers, urgency of projects, special requests, ad hoc requests, workers on leave or just coming out of a shift -- everything is factored in to produce an optimized resource plan.

As it is with any plan, it can always be improved, and at our Client's behest, we put in the option for them to finetune the resource plan (if necessary) before it gets approved for the next phase of the process.

Once the final approved version is generated, the Planner also handles the logistic planning and all data gets sync'ed to the biometric terminals.

Biometric Terminals: Custom Android app + ZKTeco ZPad

We built a custom Android app on ZKTeco ZPad, an Android-based fingerprint reader -- first of its kind.

The ZKTeco ZPad is a time management terminal with a 7 inch multi-touch screen, equipped with SD card slot, TCP/IP, USB Host, USB Client, Wi-Fi and 3G(WCDMA), a backup battery and male/female voice indication. With hardware like this, our job is already half done.

We souped up the ZPad with our own magic, integrated it into the solution so it can capture attendance and synchronize manifests (for loading/unloading site workers) from our Workforce Planner.

Then we set the ZPads up at the dorms, lorries and locations (work sites).

(1) The ZPads receive the daily manifest from the Planner

(2) verfies the workers who scan their fingers to check into the system (3) and informs the workers of which lorry to board and which project site to go to for the day.

Lastly, they also (4) track and monitor each worker's digital footprint based on the timestamp of their scans (check-ins).

And there you have it, MWMS a full Resource Management Solution consisting of a mobile app for submitting manpower allocation, a powerful backend that allocates more than 150+ workers of different skillsets to multiple construction projects, and customized biometric terminals that not only ensure smooth transportation of workers to the site but also tracks and monitors attendance and worker movements.

If you are looking for a system like this to add to your organization, contact us for a consultation.