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TM dealers have a common problem: keeping track of their Sales and Commissions (S&C) for their agents that number in the tens of thousands.

This portal is an easy and cost-effective web-based S&C management system that can and has served a massive number of transactions on a daily basis — with no downtime.


With our TM Dealer Portal, you can streamline your workflow with the built-in sales monitoring system to manage your registrations, track the sales progress of your agents, calculate commissions owed, and automate batch payment (Maybank2E Ancillary Pay) and file support.


This sales and commission management system has been in the field for the past few years and is actively used by TM partners on a daily basis to handle not only their growing team of agents but also thousands of TM service applications every single day.

The system receives regular updates and the latest version v2.1 delivers a significant milestone in terms of performance and ease of use.