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Quality Control (QC) particularly in a manufacturing or factory environment is a time- and resource-consuming exercise yet necessary to the inner workings of the production line.

Our Real-Time QC system ensures delivery of sampling reports in real-time to any connected web browser. The system not only notifies the receiver of new, incoming data, but also highlights crucial thresholds, comes with built-in formula support, can auto-calculates values and handle vast amount of data at any time, features a powerful Search tool and can be exported into PDF or printed in Excel format.


Parameters can be customized easily and access can be restricted to a division or personnel, where necessary. The reporting system is highly configurable and adaptive to quality process changes.

Built on the latest tools and new technologies such as Odoo, NodeJS and ZeroMQ, our Real-time QC is capable of meeting the highest volume demanded by the industry, 24/7.


To learn more about our Real-time QC, download the product slides and whitepaper and discover how our Real-time QC for Factories helps mill, manufactory and laboratory streamline quality process and achieve efficient quality control.